Apple Watch Series 4 (Sportbandje, 40mm) Goud (Roze)

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Product number: 6410/14/SP-APP-WATCH-S4-40-GLD-GPS-CR-FR
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Color: Gold
Condition: Refurbished
Connectivity: Bluetooth, WiFi
Merk: Apple
Model: Apple Watch Series 4
Model uitgave: 2018
Operating system: WatchOS 9
Screen Size: 40mm
Vendor Part MU682
OUD - NIET GEBRUIKEN - CO2 footprint new product in KG 39
  • Casing: Hardly able to tell the difference between this product and a new product. The screen does not have any scratches and possible damage on the cover is hardly visible.
  • 100% in order
  • Casing: Less visible damages, such as minimal scratches on the screen and/or light dents in the cover.
  • 100% in order
  • Casing: Clear signs of use on the cover, such as scratches on the screen and dents and scratches on the corners of the device.
  • 100% in order

What does the additional condition information for the product mean, if present?
  • Minor mark on screen: a small mark or discoloration is visible on the screen, but otherwise the device functions normally
  • Casing engraved: a non-removable marking has been placed on the casing
  • New in box: the product is new and is in a sealed box
  • New (open in box): the product is new but comes in unsealed packaging
  • Manufacturer Refurbished: the product has a new casing, buy may contain used components. It has been refurbished by the manufacturer
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Apple Watch Series 4 (Sportbandje, 40mm) Goud (Roze)

Apple Watch Series 4 (Sportbandje, 40mm) Goud (Roze)