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Trustpilot - iUsed reviews

iUsed is very proud of their customer reviews. We collect our verified reviews from real customers through Trustpilot.

Read other's experiences with iUsed and let them convince you of our services and high quality standard.

How reliable are Trustpilot reviews?

Like Trustpilot, we believe that transparency is the key to trust. That is why we explain how we obtain our reviews and how we monitor them.

We have been working with Trustpilot since 2014

We read all our reviews with great attention. We really learn from the reviews our customers write. By reading critical reviews, we know what points need more attention. This allows us to improve our service.

Trustpilot and we both believe that customers who share their experience contribute to transparency and strengthen trust between businesses and customers. That is why the reviews you see on our website are based on real experiences of real customers. Trustpilot takes measures to prevent fake reviews. They recently shared how they do this in their first 'Transparency Report'.

Measures against fake reviews

Anyone can share an experience about us on Trustpilot at any time. However, this must mean that you must have had a buying experience with us. This way we prevent people who have never been a customer of ours from posting fake reviews.

We automatically send an invitation to all our customers to leave a review on Trustpilot. When our customers accept this invitation and leave a review, these reviews are labeled as verified. In this way we ensure that we work in an unbiased manner. We invite all our customers, including customers where things went wrong.

Trustpilot itself has developed an automated fraud detection software that detects and removes fraudulent reviews. Trustpilot's software analyzes the IP address, user ID, device characteristics, location data and timestamp to determine whether a review contains suspicious characteristics. In addition, anyone can report a review if it violates the guidelines. Trustpilot also places warnings on a company profile when the company itself writes fake reviews.