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Refurbished Apple iPad Air
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FAQ Refurbished iPads
A refurbished iPad is a used iPad that has been returned to the manufacturer or seller, who has then checked, repaired and replaced all parts where necessary. The iPad is then offered for sale again as "refurbished" and is often cheaper than a new iPad.
A refurbished iPad has been thoroughly inspected, tested and repaired before being resold, while a second-hand iPad is often sold in its original condition without inspection or repair.
Yes, refurbished iPads are reliable. They have been extensively tested and repaired before being offered for sale again. In addition, they often come with warranties and return policies.
Warranties for refurbished iPads vary by seller and product. Some sellers offer a standard warranty of, for example, 3 months, while other sellers such as iUsed offer extended warranties of up to 3 years. It is important to check what kind of warranty is offered before purchasing a refurbished iPad.
Yes, refurbished iPads are sustainable because they are reused instead of thrown away. This reduces the amount of electronic waste and helps to protect the environment. In addition, refurbished iPads are often cheaper than new iPads, meaning you can save money while contributing to sustainability.