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FAQ Refurbished MacBooks
A refurbished Macbook is a used Macbook that has been refurbished and refurbished to be resold. This means that the Macbook has been thoroughly checked and repaired where necessary, so that it is in good condition again and as good as new.
There are several advantages to buying a refurbished Macbook, including:

  • Cost savings: Refurbished Macbooks are often much cheaper than new Macbooks, saving you a lot of money can save.
  • Sustainability: by buying a refurbished Macbook you help reduce electronic waste and contribute to a more sustainable world.
  • Environmental friendliness: refurbished Macbooks are also environmentally friendly because they prevent new products from being produced, saving natural resources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Warranty and quality: Refurbished Macbooks are often thoroughly tested and checked to ensure they are of good quality. quality before they are sold. As a result, you know that you are buying a high-quality product for a lower price.
This differs per model and the condition of the Macbook, but in general refurbished Macbooks are between 50% and 70% cheaper than new Macbooks.
Yes, refurbished Macbooks are reliable. They have been thoroughly tested and checked to ensure they are of good quality before being sold. In addition, many sellers of refurbished Macbooks offer warranties and return policies to ensure customer satisfaction.
As long as you buy from a reputable seller like who thoroughly checks their refurbished Macbooks, there are no risks involved in buying a refurbished Macbook. It is important to ensure that the seller is reputable and that warranties and return policies are offered.
The only downside to buying a refurbished Macbook may be that you don't have the latest features or technologies available in the latest models. However, if you are looking for a reliable and affordable laptop, a refurbished Macbook can still be an excellent choice.
Refurbished MacBooks are technically fully checked and the housing cleaned, but the housing is usually not replaced. As a result, scratches or dents may be visible on the outside. These obviously do not affect the operation of the MacBook, but they do determine the price. The more cosmetic damage, the less you pay.
A major advantage of refurbished compared to second-hand is that the MacBook has been completely checked, cleaned and fitted with new parts if necessary. This makes it more reliable than a second-hand one from, for example, Marktplaats, but cheaper than a new one.