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New, refurbished or second-hand. The selection is huge, but are you making the right decision? Is the new model the best buy or is an older model better suited to your needs?

After more than 27 years of experience, iUsed has accumulated a wealth of knowledge that we are keen to share with you. iUsed is not just any Mac specialist. In order to help you further, we have gathered all our knowledge in a clear overview in blogs and 4 technical comparison tools. This way, you can easily compare the technical differences between the models and you may come to the conclusion that a refurbished product is a lot cheaper without having to compromise on quality.

Good luck making your choice!

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Compare iPhones

Don't know which iPhone is right for you?
Use our comparison tool to compare all iPhone specifactions.

Compare all refurbished iPhones

Compare iPad

iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad mini or the standard iPad? Lots of choices and lots of differences. 
Use our comparison tool to compare all kinds of iPads.

Compare all refurbished iPads

Compare MacBooks Air

At iUsed, we offer a lot of MacBook Air models for those who use their laptop mostly for basic use. Looking for the perfect fit?
Compare specs of all models.

Compare all refurbished MacBooks Air

Compare MacBooks Pro

Looking for the right MacBook Pro for photo and video editing? With our comparison tool, you can easily see what kinds of MacBook Pros we have to offer.
Compare specs such as CPU, RAM and graphics.

Compare all refurbished MacBooks Pro

Choose refurbished when it’s possible… new when you have to!

iUsed Blog


Apple belooft een 2024 als geen ander, met innovaties die grenzen verleggen en verwachtingen overtreffen. Hier een blik op wat het komende jaar voor ons in petto heeft, van nieuwe producten tot ongekende ontwikkelingen.


Refurbished Macbooks are an increasingly popular choice for people looking for a reliable and affordable laptop. In this article we explain the advantages of buying a refurbished Macbook compared to a new one.

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