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100% trustworthy



Reuse equipment professionally is also called refurbish. iUsed has been an expert in this for more than 27 years and we are market leader of the Benelux. What do we do? We thoroughly clean the used devices, remove all data, make technical check-ups, make them user-ready and test them extensively. This way, the used products get a second life with the lifespan and technical quality of a new machine. This saves money and is profitable for the environment.

Refurbish: professionally revise used equipment

100% security with warranties.

All our products are 100% technically alright with the quality you are used to from Apple, only cheaper. A difference from new equipment is that the screen sometimes has user traces, such as scratches. However, sometimes this is not the case. We always state the cosmetic defaults for every product and this is reflected in the price. Furthermore, you get a 3-year standard warranty that you can extend to 5 years.

Apple support

On average, Apple supports its Macs another 8 years after the first release of the device. This means that a MacBook or iMac from 2020 can often be updated up to 2028 with the new versions of macOS.

iPhones and iPads are supported on average about five years after they are released by new versions of iOS and iPadOS.

Our product conditions

Almost new condition

Almost new

Hardly able to tell the difference between this product and a new product. The screen does not have any scratches and possible damage on the cover is hardly visible.

Slightly used condition

Slightly used

Less visible damages, such as minimal scratches on the screen and/or light dents in the cover.

visibly used condition

Visibly used

Clear signs of use on the cover, such as scratches on the screen and dents and scratches on the corners of the device.

Certainty, for almost 30 years!

Standard 3 years warranty!

30- Day money back guarantee

iUsed = Quality Refurbished

Through annual ISO audits, we guarantee quality when purchasing a refurbished device. Our entire work process is checked with an annual audit. Tests are carried out for safety, quality, reliability and living environment by means of certification, inspection, inspection, CE marking and training.

1. Guaranteed quality

Strictly checked for fifty different technical points. Parts were replaced where necessary.

2. Two year warranty inclusive of storage battery and charging accessories

This offers more warranty than when you buy a new Apple product.

3. Products are divided into three categories

Almost new, slightly used and visibly used. This way you know where you stand.

4. iUsed was acknowledged as a financially sound company

This gives you the security that we won’t be bankrupt just like that and that we always hold our warranties.

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